BuyersReal Estate March 24, 2024

Buying A House


In late January, I met this guy. 💁‍♂️

🏡 In early March, he moved into his new house.

In the five weeks between meeting and the buyer moving in, this is what happened-



At our first meeting at the office we shared personalities, exchanged our perspectives and built rapport.


At our second meeting, we visited several open houses and private showings.

Now having made firm opinions about location and floorplans, my new client-friend touched base with his lender to ensure he had funds ready.


At our third meeting we visited more homes though a little more targeted this time. Two homes really grabbed my new client-friend’s attention. We revisited our two favorites. We evaluated pros and cons relative to his situation:

🏆Compared side by side, one house took the lead. By a wide margin.

We visited again at a different time of day and in different weather. ⛈❄️🌞

**Our recent Colorado Springs market has been affording buyers a little more time to really check things out with the median number of days on the market consistently around 40. With a little less pressure to decide quickly, my buyer-friend was able to weigh the pros and cons of each house and truly reflect on the homes he viewed.


My new buyer-friend considered the options and without hesitation made an offer, which was accepted😊

The new homeowner and I have kept in touch through the transition to his new dwelling and his happiness brings me joy. 🫶I am grateful for our rapport and trust to meet success.


The homebuying process can be a different level of challenge depending on your circumstances. Representing the buyer is an opportunity that makes me tick. I want more than anything for people to be happy, to thrive, to connect and feel safe, comfortable, and well. This is why I got into real estate-to be an advocate for healthy living and taking the best property opportunities for.

Are you looking for a real estate agent that you can trust? Let’s get together. I am always available to share ideas, assist in locating resources and help you get the house for you!